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The starting price for a custom non-exclusive license track is 125$ Per minute of music

The Starting Price for Exclusive Licensing is 225$ Per minute of music.

If you want to include a live instrument in your score, the price is 200$ per minute played within the score.

The First Meeting

This is a part of our three step process to get you started on creating your own score!

When you first meet, Call on or mail with us, we typically set up a time where we can have a discussion about what it is you're specifically looking for in a score. 

After that is done and we have agreed to the price, we ask that you pay 50% up front for the project.

It typically takes about 3-4 weeks to complete and we will give you a status update after two weeks.

On the day on completion you will receive a water marked copy to review one final time. After paying the last 50%, you will receive your un marked copy of the final product.

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